Kansas City Hates Ned Yost?!?!

Actually, here's a benefit for Kansas City's painful journey from first to worst -- Fans can no longer pretend that the people in charge are geniuses and that "Midwestern values" are responsible for a win streak. Turns out it was all probably just moneyball good luck. Check another fun & depressing fact after the latest loss:

Ned Yost's approval ratings among the lowest in the league, according to Fanpulse results

Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across MLB. Each week, we send 30 polls to plugged in fans from each team. Royals fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse . Frustrations are setting in for the Royals who have been much worse than their own expectations for the second year in a row.


  1. Can’t be true!
    We plan to support Ned 150%!
    We are going to the games as we speak and supporting!
    We have made plans to possible go in 2024.
    And we plan to watch a game possibly next year.
    And every time we go past the stadium we wave.

  2. It’s true that Ned is a buffoon and a pathetic manager, but he isn’t the problem. The problem is Jesus Freak Dayton Moore, who put this team together. The other problem is the cheapskate inbred hillbilly owner, David Glass, who doesn’t care if the Royals win.

  3. I don’t care if they win either!

  4. 2nd Amendment MAGA man!6/15/19, 8:02 PM

    Yost is cool! Ned was in those 2015 TV ads for Frontier Justice of Lee's Summit (KCK location wasn't built yet). He promoted responsible gun ownership while announcing the availability of training for safe gun handling, and for instruction in shooting at that location's indoor range. So, he is a pro-gun good guy!

  5. Ned Yost is a good manager in a bad situation. He cares about the players and supports them. The worst thing you can do to a prima donna athlete that isn't performing is break their spirit. You have to realize that there are very few mulit-millionaires on this team so it isn't the money that makes these players bad. The situation is that the Royals were decimated after winning the World Series and this is not as talented a team and it does not yet have a new club house leader. Alex Gordon is getting up in years and this could be his last or second to the last year so no one is hooking up to that wagon.


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