Kansas City Hates Eating Out

A fact that frustrated local ladies know all too well. Check the Internets killing another local biz. Take a look:

Food delivery giants are eating up restaurant profits; KC startups add survival back to the menu

Ordering a meal at the press of a button is convenient for customers, but behind-the-scenes deals with the delivery giants that made on-demand food popular are running some independently owned restaurants out of business, said Vincent Son.


  1. Went out to a decent place the other evening.
    2 Entries were $9.99 each.
    Soft drinks were $2.49 each.
    20% tip and we were at $30.

    Found a free delivery coupon for almost the same food.
    Had pop at home and ate for $20 or so.

    Saved 50% and didn’t have to go out. Saved gas and wear and tear on my car.

    When Amazon starts hot food and drone delivery- it will be faster and cheaper.

    I talked with Legendary cook Chef-boy-R-D... he said Go Chiefs!

  2. Fast and CHEAP!

    CHEAP! great deal for all you taxpayers out there!

  3. Sly James Frosty Shit Hole City6/27/19, 8:27 PM

    Lots of Cheap Cheap Cheap CHEAP SHIT!

  4. Jolie likes to eat out.

  5. Raise your prices to allow a profit, then give eat-in diners and customer pick-up orders aa "non-delivery discount.
    Advertise that policy.

  6. Technology keeps people LAZY!! If you are hungry get off your ass and go get some food, and how about take some time and cook your own fucking food, if you dont know how to cook your own food, ask your MOM she kept your ass alive this long without UBER EATs, Grub HUB etc etc!! Learn some shit and get off your privillaged ass, earn some pride in your short life on this planet!

  7. Exactly can deliver and get it much cheaper without driving. Door Dash is great and you get shitty service at places.


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