Candidates are desperate for attention and beating down doors across Kansas City proper.

Kinda like Halloween but there are only tricks and no treats.

The job of voters is to press candidates on property taxes, crime and infrastructure maintenance because politicos have crafted talk about social justice, hobbies and popularity contests to avoid these concerns.

Good luck . . .


  1. The more Jolie JustUs is losing in her private polls, the nastier her campaign becomes. Desperate Non-Housewife//KC edition.

    Quinton Lucas was excellent on the Ch 9 debate earlier this week, and I liked how Kris Ketz cut to video for Tim Albritton to set the video stage for each segment of questions.

    Jolie performed better than usual, but it was all canned. She is a world class name dropper and lister of things she TRIED to do. But look around, the crime thang didn't work.

    And anyone who believes that the new KCI will not cost the taxpayers anything is not paying attention. A nine year promise to pay, on a 20 year bond, from Southwest? Try getting a mortgage with those terms.

    Quinton Lucas will win, because Jolie maxed out her support at 32 in the primary. She has clawed her way up to 39%. Not enough. Those who voted against her have zero reasons to change now.


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