Friday, June 07, 2019

Kansas City Friday Crime Scene Roundup

These quick listing of local crime are always worth it, if only take a big picture look at how local violence is playing out across the metro.

Bad Hombre Earns Payback

Kidnap, rape victim relieved after stepfather's conviction

Rosalynn McGinnis - the Kansas City mother who was kidnapped and raped for nearly 20 years by her former stepfather, who took her to Mexico - got a measure of justice Thursday when a federal jury in Oklahoma convicted Henri Piette of kidnapping and taking a juvenile across state lines for sex.

KC Confession Consequence

KC man who told police of planned killing sentenced to prison for firearm charge

Kansas City Crime Stoppers most wanted fugitives updated video updated May 26, 2019. A Kansas City man who told police after a traffic stop that he planned to kill someone was sentenced to prison Thursday after he was convicted of illegally possessing a firearm. Seneca Harrison, 36, was sentenced in the U.S.

Urban Core Gunshot Postscript

Man fighting for his life after someone shot him multiple times near 28th and Oakley

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One person is fighting for their life after a shooting Thursday. The shooting happened around 11:50 a.m. near 28th and Oakley. First responders found an adult man with multiple gunshot wounds. Police have not yet released a suspect description or said what led up to the shooting.

Chief Step Down

Embattled Greenwood, MO police chief resigns

GREENWOOD, MO (KCTV) - The police chief in the small Jackson County town of Greenwood has resigned, five months after an investigation into the police department began. A post on the city website Tuesday stated that the Greenwood and now-former chief Greg Hallgrimson had reached an agreement for Hallgrimson to resign effective May 29.

Local Anti-Violence Promo

Graphic video from KCMO Health Department targets teens to show consequences of violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The health department has produced a graphic video targeted at teens, to open their eyes to the consequences of gun violence they may never consider. The city is expanding its violence prevention campaign beyond homicides. Violence resulted in more than 650 young people becoming victims of aggravated assault in 2017.

Meth Town Gangland Update

Men known as 'Joker' and 'Snake' sentenced to prison for 2016 kidnap torture case

Kansas City Crime Stoppers most wanted fugitives updated video updated May 26, 2019. Two Kansas City men who went by the names "Joker" and "Snake" were sentenced to federal prison this week for their roles in a drug-trafficking conspiracy that led to the kidnapping and torture of an Independence man.

Kansas Media Dude Sound Off

Guilty verdict for Wichita TV personality who honked his horn next to a motorcycle cop

Police video shows the events leading up to Wichita TV personality R.J. Dickens getting cited for illegal use of horn. The video starts silent but the interaction with the officer has sound. You know how sometimes you're sitting in traffic and the person in front of you doesn't move when the light turns green, so you tap your horn to get their attention?

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