Monday, June 03, 2019

Kansas City Follows Brit Spy Camera FAIL

A fact of life about a bigger, better city:

London No Safer for All Its CCTV Cameras

In fact, Prez Trump calls the Mayor of London a "stone cold loser" for their worsening crime problems. Sadly, a tech solution is still being sold to locals who want to be as fancy as the Brits:

Kansas City criminologist works to bring local surveillance up to UK standards

A chief criminologist at the Kansas City Crime Lab believes cameras provide compelling clues that can be as difficult to refute as DNA evidence. Mark Southwell is in charge of the lab's digital evidence section. He was raised in the United Kingdom, where he spent 26 years as a photographer in the Royal Navy.


Anonymous said...

Londons not safer. But they catch the bad guys and put them away fast. Very fast. Cameras force convictions

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^That is true