Saturday, June 01, 2019

Kansas City Faith Blogger Tough Talk

Blogger Bill offers his take on faith life and fundamentalism in the modern era and the evangelical movement confronts the Prez Trump era. Read more:

Encouraging some Christians to ask hard questions: 6-1/2-19

On Friday here on the blog, when I wrote about the history of Christian fundamentalism in the U.S., I was wishing that the people who created that doctrinally rigid approach to a religion full of mystery and paradox would have...


chuck said...

Billy's recent preoccupation with "Christian Fundamentalists, stands in stark contrast to his lack of curiosity with respect to the outrageously disproportionate damage that Muslim Fundamentalists wreak in this country and all over the world on a daily basis.

That's because Billy's True Religion, is Progressive Secularism that operates from the Holy See known as Washington D.C.

The sacrament of Sanctimony, dispersed freely to all those who inhabit the "high ground", supported by the holy acolytes in the Main Stream Media and the victim/martyrs fortunate enough to have been born non-white and achieve thereby instant sainthood, provides an American "caste" system for the new American Gods to define our worth.

Thanks so much for your criticisms of we proles as we cling to our Gods and Guns.

Anonymous said...

Billy never calls out the Fundamentalist Atheists who infest his Facebook page. He has cut off comments on his Catholic bashing, Israel hating, Muslim loving column, but his Facebook Page is wide open still! I think it's time we all paid him a visit there!

Byron Funkhouser said...

"...outrageously disproportionate damage that Muslim Fundamentalists wreak in this country..."

That would be none.

Der Fuhrer is the Christian Right's Champion, which is why they have no credibility left.

Anonymous said...

STFU you idiot^^^^^^^^^

chuck said...

Byron, Breaking News, the Twin Towers are gone!

Here is some more information that apparently will be a big surprise to you. Read it sitting down.

Anonymous said...

Throughout human history, more folks slain for claiming their fairy-tale is the only true one than for any other reason.

Good and evil are inherent in the evolutionary human species. No need to look to a non existent being to explain the unexplained.

Tornado comes thru and kills neighbor. Live neighbor says "Thank God. He was looking out for us." Yeah, he was pissed at your neighbor. Maybe if he just directed the storm around folks, period, he might be worthy of thanks. Grow up!

Most important religious scripture: "Pass the plate, and please be generous". (Need a new Escalade)

Funny when the idiot got shot full of arrows off that island as he was bringing to "Word" to the natives.

Jake Blair said...

^^^ not true, more people have been killed for political and economic reasons than for anything else. By far!

Anonymous said...

11:25, the views are simplistic in that post. The last line, especially, signals that you think the educated by western civilization "idiot" should have known the closed society island natives did not trust his motives. Or, are you laughing at those who believe that their GOD didn't protect the well-meaning bible boy? Well, maybe those natives believe in a higher being, GOD, or some unexplainable force, and their views are that something they believe in helped them fend off a threat. So, who knows if it's six of one, half a dozen of the other.

That tornado analogy is telling. Why is it death and destruction is GOD being a baddie, but if my lottery ticket wins big, GOD is my good bud!
We all are endowed with free will to believe in human(s), nature, and mystery, if we so choose. Of course, that's applied to humans who've attained the age of reasoning abilities (varies, but considered as early childhood, around 7ish) and holds if one's cognition is sufficient. Thus, if it feels good, ain't illegal, then the houses of religion are gonna have members! Ballparks, bars, casinos, concert venues, gyms, and more. will be filled with those various "believers", too!

Anonymous said...

Chuck - Byron thinks a nasty pack of viscious presbyterians were responsible for 9/11 and the WTC bombing before that. And the Boston Marathon bombing. And thousands of attacks worldwide such as Paris night club attacks, London tube bombings, sri Lanka attacks etc etc etc

America responded to 9/11 by attacking countries that had nothing to do with it (Iraq, Libya, Syria) and selling hundreds of billion$ of weapons to the Saudis, who were most responsible.

But hey we're exceptional!!!


chuck said...

^^^^^ I agree- Bush Cheney were as big a disaster on the International stage as Obama was on the National stage.

We have been led by idiots and idealogues for too long/