Kansas City Faith Blogger Contemplates Concept Of Eternal Damnation

Apropos Sunday contemplation of an eternal truth OR happy talk about the nature of the Universe . . .

"The idea of hell is old. And it fits well with certain theories of atonement, especially one called the penal substitution atonement theory. In simplistic bumper-sticker language, this theory suggests that God loves us because Christ died for us. Which makes Christ's death a way of appeasing an angry God. But that gets things backwards. What Christian theology really teaches us is that Christ died for us because God loves us.

"And when you put it in those terms, you have a terribly difficult time imagining anything like the kind of fiery hell that many preachers love to use to threaten congregants."

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What the hell is hell all about, anyway? 6-22/23-19

Just over a week ago, I took an overnight road trip to Pekin, Ill., to attend the funeral of the oldest of my five first cousins. As is my habit while driving alone, I sometimes flip on the radio and...


  1. Want to know what hell is? Look no further than Byron Funkhouser and there it is.

    Byron is a member of Satan's crew that's why he attacks anything that supports clean, normal, healthy living.


  2. Bill is so confused it's really sad. Preachers don't threaten people with fiery hell. Bill needs to read the Bible and get his story straight and stop twisting things. Hell is real and it's not preachers who use it as a tool it's God's word, so what Bill is doing is pointing a finger at God.
    Don't box with God Bill your arms are too short.

  3. Are you ready to roll those dice that there is no Hell, Billy boy?

  4. Byron Funkhouser6/23/19, 9:43 AM

    Stupid nonsense, there is no afterlife (it's an oxymoron).

    There is no god & no satan.

    Grow up, 7:57

    "...he attacks anything that supports clean, normal, healthy living"

    And you are anonymously bearing false witness, hypocrite & attacking me for no reason.

    So, what's your fucking problem?

  5. Byron Funkhouser6/23/19, 9:48 AM

    P.S. If you're trying to convince me that Christians are good people, you failed spectacularly.

    Why are you thinking of me at 7:57 on a Sunday morning?

    See a therapist ...

  6. There is no God. No heaven or hell either. This is all there is and you losers are wasting it on here instead of leading meaningful lives.

  7. ^^ Guess you and Funky will find out soon enough.


  8. urmmm..check out Pascals Wager

  9. Hell is of course real. There are natural laws about opposites and cold and heat, good and evil, reward and punishment. Hell has NO beer, wine, food, parties, sex, children, sunshine, water, happiness or a way to work your way out. People there will hate you and you will hate them. Then there is the sinking feeling that people who were much more evil than you are enjoying living in heaven, because they repented to Christ, even at the last moment of their lives. They enjoy parties, beer, wine (the bible states Jesus made great wine from water), sunshine, love, and great job and no worries. Your destination is your choice.

    1. Yep. That sure sounds like the arrangement made by a just God, lol

    2. If you want a "just god" then he would send everyone to hell. Or stop our hearts tonight. Thats just due to our sin. You dont really want "just". You want mercy. Thats why god offers us an alternative to hell.

    3. A just God would kill us all now,just like you would kill a bunch of tiny baby rattlesnakes you found under a rock. Our potential for future evil is guarenteed. Justice for us means a whole lot of punishment.

  10. The World is one GREAT HOAX. The verse that was taken out of the Bible states THE CHURCH IS IN YOUR HART. If it was left in There would not be Crooked Minister's trying to get your Money.

  11. "What the hell is hell all about, anyway?"

    Bill Tammeus takes readers on a tour of his hometown.

  12. Hey, Tammy will want to behave, so he can join his muz buds and their virgins in that heavenly mosque.6/23/19, 6:28 PM

    Now, let's have what Billy has to say about heaven. Do all the jilted loudmouth jerks whose spouses allegedly cheated on them get to spend eternal bliss in an infidelity free zone? Oh, so, just the classless, sanctimonious wonders that claim their wives had affairs with their pastors, maybe. Well, Billy, I bet God will have Big Buff Bouncer, Pete, open the blingy club doors atop that stairway for you, if you're truly repentant for publicly declaring your former wife and pastor were philanderers.

  13. Hell is real . Everyone who knowingly sins deserves to go there. Humans are really evil beings. Have you ever thought about killing someone, then to hell you go. Its not about i tried to live a "good life" or being better than the axe murderer in your city. Your evil. Only the maker of hell can forgive you and spare you. God made it. He is not a all loving God. He is really pissed off

  14. Yes the bible is full of examples where god killed entire cities or area populations due to their sin. God is not santa claus. Your either for him or against hm


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