Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Kansas City Election Midday News Lookout: Turnout Higher Than Expected And East Side Voters Vault Quinton Lucas To Early Lead

Here's what we know right now . . .


It's not news, it's hype but still an indication that this thing is going to go down to the wire given that the "power move" now is to discourage the other side.

Meanwhile, we're inspired by this somewhat fun news . . .

Kansas City Border War Cont'd
Kansas City leaders speculate about jobs, money, location
Tech Scene Puts In Work

nbkc launches Entrepreneur in Residence incubator: 'I have a whole company behind me'

Less than a year after its inaugural Fountain City Fintech accelerator debuted, nbkc bank has launched a new incubator program designed to tackle common banking industry problems with start-up-style ideation, problem solving, and tenacity, said Megan Darnell. The goal: building new companies along the way, the nbkc program manager said.

Who Is The Sauce Boss???
Five Barbecue Sauces That Will Test Your Regional Allegiances

Blue Springs 4th Fizzles

Blue Springs canceling annual fireworks show

Blue Springs is canceling its annual July 4th fireworks celebration this year,"This was a tough decision," said Mayor Carson Ross. "This annual family event is loved by many in the community.

Serving Local Pride

In Focus: Special drink at The Savoy celebrates Pride Month

It's one of Kansas City's iconic restaurants, but there's a lot more to The Savoy thank you might realize. KMBC 9's Donna Pitman is focusing on The Savoy's spec...

KC Carby Favorite

Naples Rolls Out A Fine-Tuned Dough, And The New 'Cloud Pizza' Is Born

What's Italian for "sheesh"? Ever since the quasimythic birth of margherita pizza in Naples in 1889, Neapolitan pizzaioli have regarded their variety as the only true pizza, looking down upon differing styles in Brooklyn, Chatham, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Melbourne, New Haven, Stockholm and Tokyo.

Footballer Standout Debut

Byron Pringle is Kansas City's "surprise offseason standout"

With the NFL out for summer break, ESPN's NFL Nation compiled a list of surprise offseason standouts for each team. For the Kansas City Chiefs, it's second-year wide receiver Byron Pringle. He was on the verge of making the team last year as an undrafted rookie before an injury in the final preseason game ended his season.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

If the usda was smart they’d move to the Kansas side, better everything over there where as killa shitty is only good at murder, black on black crime, stupid 1% tax, outrageous water bills, outrageous county taxes, potholes, everything falling apart and city gubmint who gives everything to developers, sound about right to you guys?

Oswald said...

FAKE NEWS about voter turnout.

Nice try, Tony.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Wrong. Tax breaks are better on the Missouri side and there's actually something more than just dirt around.

Sorry Kansas loses this one again. But the fact it they'll probably split the difference. It's a made up controversy from the newspaper. Don't be their bitch!

My real mansion is better than your McMansion said...

My polling place was packed in Northeast for lunch.

Sorry btiches.

Anonymous said...

These are federal agencies, they do not pay taxes!...unless this is done for a landlord?

Mercutio Gutierrez said...

Word on the street has Lucas leading JoLie by 12 points based on exit polls.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ far to low. he's leading by 70 points and Jolie is crying in a corner.

At least make your lies fun, bitch.

Anonymous said...

Yes lets vote the town drunk to office.

Anonymous said...

If Quinton wins, he’s going to celebrate by sucking some dick and getting drunk in Lawrence. A lot of dick.

Anonymous said...

^^you sound jealous bruh.

Anonymous said...

KCMO mayoral election = pick-a-queer.

Anonymous said...

Figures that the new gay drink at the Savoy looks like a cup of sperm.