Thursday, June 06, 2019

Kansas City Destroying Terminal A Today

New KCI is on the way as this town gets rid of the old airport that will always have been more convenient and cheaper. Checkit:

Demolition underway on KCI Airport's Terminal A

Demolition of Terminal A at Kansas City International Airport has begun."Where the track hoe is here is approximately the south end of the head house itself -- what we call the head house. It will extend further to the north," said airport designer Dan Moylan.Head house is the designer's term for the new single airport terminal.Tearing down Terminal A actually won't take that long.


Anonymous said...

Destroying pretty much sums up Sly James wight years in office.

I hate that fucker.

Anonymous said...


I hate him too he's the laughing stock of the metro area and people can't understand why they voted him in again. Everyone laughs at him. Now they will vote in one of the other clowns running.

Sly is about as trashy as a rat in a dumpster so is his family. Cheap tacky clothes dirty teeth. He's just gross. He's also crazy and has a power problem he drives around in that black SUV with a cardboard sign that says official business. I'm embarrassed of KC everyone talks about our city. Glad I sold my house and moved. Now they can choose between a queer or a black racist drunk.

Anonymous said...

I love my mayor, he did the right thing to push this city forward. Too bad you lost, losers!

Anonymous said...

^^ Ah here comes Sly's lemmings.

Anonymous said...

Tony’s having