Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Kansas City Dead-Tree Prize Banquet Seyz This Town's Paper Is Second Rate

Recently, the newspaper hacks got together to back slap and celebrate their dwindling ciruclation and advertising numbers.

On the bright side, here's link to the best source in the Midwest . . .

KC Press Club Awards: C-J is Newspaper of Year for third straight year

Meanwhile, we share a link to the award summary that's mostly important to "journalists" who hate this blog but come back and read it EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Press Club: 2019 Heart of America Awards Winners

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

The Star is more like third rate actually.

Anonymous said...

Calling it second rate is kind.

PierreEscargot said...

The Star is a complete failure.

Anonymous said...

Is there a "fourth rate" ranking?
If not, maybe there should be.
Beaten out for "Overall Journalistic Quality" by the Thrifty Nickle again this year.

Anonymous said...


Someone FINALLY found a use for the Star!
(too bad)

Anonymous said...

Dumped the lib rag star 15 years ago.

However, star ads keep filling my mailbox each Wednesday.

I keep a stack in the garage for oil change spills.

Also, when cooking up a bunch of bacon, place a paper towel on top of stack of Star ads to absorb grease.

Anonymous said...

^Good uses there, enviro hero, and helping keep "green"--in the wallet! Quality paper towels ain't cheap priced!

Besides bacon, the paper towel over "soy ink rag" trick is great for all fried foods. Those Wednesday ads are good for several more re-uses around our home--fireplace starter instead of turning on gas, mulch or weed block in veggie garden (tills easily like leaves for fall garden cleanup). Even smoked out moles in the yard---twist a tight newspaper "cigar", wet half way up this little torch with water, dip a couple inches of the dry end in citronella lamp oil, light the oily tip and place in a mole "run", then bye-bye baddies!

Anonymous said...

And I thought I was the one who innovated the newspaper-beneath-paper-towel bacon grease draining rig!!!


Anonymous said...

I would say it's second rate, then after saying that the Independence Examiner would do something crazy. Like, do a story on a couple with six kids without ever seeing the babies.

Or ruining two Independence track coaches careers by the way they wrote the story.

Springheel said...

The Star I'm afraid ain't going away. Its backed up by something that can stand to lose money and readership for decades. It IS the money. They will only be honest when it falls in line with their agenda, which is only about the 7% of the time that it allows them to say "look, we were honest" journalists here". They will possibly chip away at our youth, who like their late 60s grandparents will have bought the crap the media sold them until they are about 25. Then (if we are not all impotent by then) we will wake up in literally 1 day!-we will have the wisdom to realize that Little Bow Wow is only an ignorant pawn, and that having a rich Ivy league education or a background in prison law does not determine the agenda we should be setting for our children if their is to be any real hope. These monsters that push these lies have no fear of God, thus no belief, and no belief they will one day be judged.