Kansas City Crypto Scene Merits Caution

This guy seems on the level and he's very forthright about his expertise that is more extensive than most online scammers. Remember that "crypto" isn't just a nasty parasite that can live in swimming pools for days, it's also the favorite currency option for drug dealers, sketchy pr0n operators and tech savvy adults coping with paranoia issues.

Here's a primer for a topic that requires a lot more research than just using whatever cash is still available in a carefully hidden coffee can:

Cryptocurrency breakdown with local expert

KANSAS CITY, MO - Cryptocurrency is omnipresent in the news and growing in popularity around the world. Facebook is even jumping into the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to receive widespread attention. Now, with Facebook's Libra, it's becoming more likely cryptocurrency will become mainstream. But what exactly is cryptocurrency?


  1. I wonder if Jackson County and The City will accept Facebook bucks for property tax payments.

  2. Bugging our homes is Silicon Valley’s next frontier6/30/19, 8:44 PM

    Stay away from it.

  3. Silicon Snake Oil

  4. Byron Funkhouser6/30/19, 9:41 PM

    A hacker encrypted the computers at the Harrison Country Courthouse. Naturally, he wants paid in BitCoin.

    After the first demand of $1,500 was paid, he said that was just the first payment.

    But, but installing security updates is such a hassle.

    Bitcoin is criminal money; always has been & always will be.


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