Kansas City Crackdown On Students Cont'd

Quick Summertime number crunch on local students and ongoing discipline problems. The reality is that the rate of suspension isn't necessarily bad thing but ALWAYS evokes a debate over disparity despite a continued violence problem and the charter school exodus. Read more:

Kansas City Schools Are Still Suspending Lots Of Students, Even As Discipline Policies Change

Kansas City schools issued more suspensions in 2018 than in 2015, according to a new citywide analysis from Turn the Page KC. That's despite a national reckoning with how students of color are disciplined versus their white peers.


  1. Send them to lee's summit lsr7 school district, they have a black superintendent that just defeated the white privlege community with his stupid equity plan.

  2. You can’t teach the blacks anything. That would be racist.

  3. The simplest explanation (Ockham's razor) is that black students act out more than whites, hispanics or asians. That would also account for the proportional disparity in violent crimes and even traffic stops. And that explanation is certainly correct. Keeping the hoodlums in school just makes it harder for all the other students.

    "When kids are out of school, they’re not learning.” When the disruptive students are not removed, same result.

  4. HEY! Stop being the voice of reason.


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