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A word from Kansas City's top ranking elected official as he advocates for local funding following weather disaster amid increasing beltway division as many feel the nation is moving closer to impeachment of Prez Trump. Take a look:

Congressman Cleaver Delivers Weekly Democratic Address

May 31, 2019

(Washington, D.C.) – Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-MO) delivered the Weekly Democratic Address. In this week’s address, Congressman Cleaver discussed the dire need to pass the bipartisan disaster relief package to support communities across the country ravaged by natural disasters, a bill which House Republicans have obstructed three times in the past week. Video and audio of the Weekly Democratic Address can be downloaded here.

Below is a full transcript of the address:

“Hello, I’m Emanuel Cleaver, and I serve the people of the Fifth Congressional District of Missouri, home of the Kansas City Chiefs and right smack dab in the heartland of America.

“This spring has been an abnormally stormy and rainy season all across the nation, but particularly in the Midwest. In just the past week, we’ve seen tornados wreak havoc on Kansas and Missouri destroying homes, decimating farmland, devastating communities, and even taking lives.

“We’ve also witnessed calamitous floods in Iowa, Nebraska, and in Missouri throughout the spring season, causing roads to flood, farms to delay planting, and businesses to take a severe economic hit.

“Just this week, Kansas City broke the record for rainfall in the month of May, and we’re facing the consequences of this torrential rainfall all around my Congressional district. As I speak, there are currently more than 300 – 300 – road closures across the state of Missouri, from local roads to major highways. This isn’t just harmful to the people and businesses I represent, the effects are being felt across the nation.

“That’s why today I want to talk to you about our Country’s dire need for Congress to come together and pass a disaster funding bill for the people.

“Over the past 4 months, Democrats in the House have worked hard to reach across the aisle to pass two supplemental funding bills that would help address not only the needs of the Midwestern communities I’ve been speaking about, but communities in California dealing with wildfires, towns in Alabama ravaged by tornados, and Americans in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are still rebuilding from the disastrous hurricane that occurred in 2017.

“Last week, our colleagues in the Senate were able to reach an agreement, with 85 senators, almost unheard-of in terms of bipartisanship in these tribalistic times, voting to support the $19 billion deal that would bring relief to American communities from sea to shining sea.

“But unfortunately, a select few of our Republican colleagues in the House have decided to put politics over the needs of the American people, choosing to object and obstruct the disaster bill while we are back home serving our constituents in the district.

“These individuals understand that they are a small minority of the House of Representatives and that they are simply delaying the inevitable. That’s why I find is so unfathomable and unconscionable that they have chosen this moment to try to score putrid political points when Americans all over the country are pleading, pleading for our help.

“I find myself questioning how we as a nation have found ourselves in this position. It is exactly moments like these, when disaster strikes, that Americans have historically put partisanship aside and worked together for the betterment of the country.

“Have we really reached the point where members of the People’s House are going to deny traumatized communities the assistance they so desperately need just so they can go back home and say they stuck it to the opposition party? Is that really what this body has come to?

“That is the exact opposite of why we were sent to Congress and an untenable way to govern any nation, let alone the most powerful nation in the history of the world.

“We can disagree on policy, in fact it’s healthy to disagree and debate, however, when it comes to the aiding communities razed by raging storms or American families facing tragedy, we must come together for the sake of the people.

“The American people – Republican and Democrat, rural and urban – are counting on us to provide the relief they have been waiting on. I have no doubt that we will meet the challenge before us and provide what the people are calling for, but I would urge all of my colleagues to take some time this weekend to reflect on how we’ve reached this low point when even natural disasters cannot bridge the political divide of our body.

“For if we cannot come together in times like these, in a time of crisis, we are falling apart altogether.

“I’m Emanuel Cleaver from Missouri’s Fifth Congressional District. Thank you for listening.”

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Anonymous said...

The bill is fine, the gridlock is part of a bigger discussion on everything from the border to that dumb-ass Mueller report.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^!00% Correct

Byron Funkhouser said...

The "Dumb-ass Mueller report" that shows that Der Fuhrer is a criminal?

The bill is being blocked by Republicans, & has nothing to do with anything else, except some little men's power tripping.

Anonymous said...

If Cleaver is giving the Democratic address it must mean that pretty much everyone else is out of town.
Back bencher after all these years.
And across the state line?
The Sharice clown show!
Not much representation in DC.

Anonymous said...

Who is cleaver?

Anonymous said...

The only thing the cleave has done is get money for 18th and vine, he don’t care about anything but himself, that and his 7 million dollars he has. By the way, did he evar payback his loan? Thought so.

chuck said...

Byron, that "Press Conference" where Mueller redefined The Rule Of Law with the "not" not guilty presumption (Which insists on the proof of a negative.) that has motivated those folks like you, with 5 watt bulbs for brains between your ears to move for "Impeachment" was a disgrace worthy of an A.O.C. tweet.

Your heroes in the Deep State, are squirming like worms in my driveway after heavy rains. Exposed for the liars, traitors, hypocrites and scofflaws that they have always been. Let's pray, for the good of the Republic, that they are indicted, prosecuted and incarcerated for their crimes.

Perhaps they will write you from prison and you can commiserate over the "injustice" of it all. Pen Pals with so much in common.

Anonymous said...

Chuck FTW!

Ouch! That one left a permanent mark! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Well, the cleave otta know all about tribalistic ways shouldn’t he! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Congressional dildo. Deadbeat. Liar. Thief.
Fake reverend, too? I can't remember.

A true phony in every respect with an opinion that means absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

Trump is the one that said he was proven innocent. Without basis.

That's not how the legal normally system works. For the courts, it's guilty or not guilty. The innocent part is presumed, not proven.

However, Mueller went the extra mile and said they would have made a finding of innocent to help the president in this serious matter if he could. He wanted to exonerate him for the good of the country and the office. The problem is the evidence found says he is not innocent. In fact, if he were not president, he would have been charged with multiple crimes. It only the DOJ guidelines that stopped him. SDNY has similar problems with their indictments naming "Individual One".

Trump had better look into how to pardon himself. Handcuffs will be waiting on 1/20/2021.

There are multiple people from Trump's campaign in jail for crimes and dozens of other charged from this "deep state" FBI investigation. BTW, how is it deep state when we know all the investigators and they published a report. It's the AG that is covering up with redactions. This is not a hoax and you are defending a hostile country's attack on the US and those covering it up. I pray for our Republic too.

Anonymous said...

1:35 What are you smoking? I want some.

Anonymous said...

If it came down to who was likely to go to jail our POTUS or Byron who do you think would be wearing orange first?

Lets just say Byron won't be bothering us anymore and Trump gets elected to a second term..

Anonymous said...

Reverend Mayor, please sit down and shut up, your ignorance is showing!

Anonymous said...

I think Cleaver ought to start wearing a bow tie. It's so him!

Anonymous said...

Not sure what's worse Cleaver or Byron?

jockapivio said...

Cleaver has never served anybody in the 5th district. He only serves himself by getting out of repaying his failed car wash loan.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver said the American people are counting on the relief they've been waiting on. Well, Bank of America was counting on you paying back your $1,000,000 loan that you borrowed from them on your car wash that wasn't worth a third of that amount. But you didn't pay it back, so they sued you. Then you didn't pay back your judgment so they had to garnish your Congressional paycheck.

You were a crap councilman, and a crap mayor who used the City credit card to pay for your family's trip to Disney World.

You have no honor and less credibility.

Pay your debts. And shut up.

Anonymous said...

^^^ :Cc and forward your complaint to the Deadbeat-in-Chief. Contractors and businesses were counting on Trump paying for his casino debts. Nearly a $1,000,000,000 in bills dismissed in multiple bankruptcies. Talk about no honor or credibility