Friday, June 21, 2019

Kansas City Charges Roadside Murder

Reports indicated this poor soul was killed on the sidewalk but, despite GO BOND promises there's nothing but a dirt path on the side of this urban core road. Checkit:

Man charged in fatal shooting this week near 41st, Monroe

A Kansas City man has been charged in the fatal shooting Tuesday near 41st Street and Monroe Avenue.Caprice Hardy, 22, was found shot to death on the sidewalk.Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker charged Jonathan D.


Anonymous said...

That go bond was the biggest scam ever, and so was this last vote on question 1 where everyone voted to give big developers more tax breaks, I mean no taxes at all. I guess democrats have more money to burn in this city than I thought, and it also stands true that democrats never met a tax they didn't like. I certainly hope landlords raise the hell out of their rents to meet the tax hikes that everyone voted for. So much for affordable housing!

Anonymous said...

That boy doesn’t have a thing to worry about, Petersucker is in charge and he’ll get probation.

Byron Funkhouser said...




Anonymous said...

Hoodrat commits murder in broad daylight.. no fear of consequences as long as Jean Petersucker Baker is the prosecutor. Jean Petersucker Baker is the criminal’s best friend.

Anonymous said...


Welfare fraud


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This sort of shit would never happen in that part of Councilwoman Jolie's Fourth District North of the River - no sidewalks!