Kansas City Broke-Ass Housing Plan Passes

Here's newspaper hype for an effort that's underfunded and only a bevy of talk behind it . . . Until the inevitable tax increase. Checkit:

'A great step': Kansas City Council adopts affordable housing plan, searches for $75m

KC City Council on Thursday adopted a five-year housing plan. skeyser@kcstar.com On the heels of a municipal election that centered on issues important to Kansas City neighborhoods, the City Council on Thursday passed a resolution to address one: housing.


  1. Why don’t these idiots quit wasting our tax’s on dumb shit and fix the damn streets instead.

  2. Byron Funkhouser6/20/19, 10:06 PM

    Actually, they aren't wasting money, there searching for money, & affordable housing isn't "dumb shit", dumb ass.

    You want to eat at restaurants & stay in hotels? Your slaves, I mean workers, have to have a place to sleep.

  3. ^^^ nobody asked your dumb ass bLIEron, stay in your government paid for apartment and shut the hell up, mind your own business in frogville and well mind ours.

  4. Barracks and chow lines for the unskilled.

  5. Here's a concept:
    If an issue is actually IMPORTANT, as supposedly affordable housing is, what about including the necessary funding in the BUDGET?
    Put your money where your mouth is.
    If you added together all the utterly wasted money the city spends, 18th and Vine, the Linwood grocery store, the $1 million arts fiasco, and so many more, and directed those funds appropriately, the city might actually be serious about addressing the issue.
    There's little correlation between all the big-time talking and actual spending decisions.
    Are they still "looking" for $430 million for a bicycle plan?
    What a joke.

  6. ^^No. Posting at 6:20AM...that's a joke. So is your wasted life.

  7. Jack up property taxes by 100 percent

    Bitch about affordable housing

    Have retards defending it

    That state of KCMO

  8. ^^You forgot: Get on TKC and cry about it all day in lieu of a meaningful life.

    There. Fixed it for you.

  9. 7:26, little girl, adults have to work and hence getting up at 530 and getting ready for work, sometimes reading the news items and responding; unlike your pathetic self who doesn't get up until late after sleeping on your parents dime. Yours is the wasted life

  10. Ha! Ha! Whiney weasel wimp @7:26 got dropkicked to hell.

  11. ^^and yet he didn't though. Weird.


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