Kansas City Blogging Against Sugar

This worthwhile confessional offers an important perspective against America's favorite dietary drug that's in EVERYTHING and kills way more people than all other illicit narcotics combined given that global consumer interests profit from the public digging their own grave with a spoon.

Six Months of No Sugar and I'm Still Going Strong-Sort Of ...

I eat when I'm happy. I eat when I'm sad. Hell, I'll even break bread when I'm pensive, overwhelmed, giddy or on the cusp of a nervous breakdown. If that makes me an emotional eater-well, so be it. I fit in nicely with 84.2% of the American public.


  1. That was really gay. A real man eats whatever the fuck he wants. Homosexuals are slowly infiltrating everything and the world is full of effeminate queers.

  2. ^^much to your delight@ 6:40AM!!!!

  3. @6:40 is fat as fuck.

  4. Isn't it all protein, or is there no sugar in sugar?


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