Kansas City Bishop Warns Of 'Disbelieving World' As He Ordains New Priests

A sign of enduring faith in Kansas City to start Sunday and word from one of the top ranking local clerics . . .

Bishop Johnston: “This past week, in the June issue of the Atlantic magazine, the cover story was entitled ‘Abolish the Priesthood’. You men will be seen as nonsensical, and even dangerous, in this disbelieving world. You are a sign of contradiction, because you belong to Christ and being configured to him as a priest, you stand to the world for a radical love that has its origins beyond this world and points the human heart to beyond this world. You also stand as a visible sign of the Catholic Church, the presence of God’s kingdom on this earth. The priesthood is a life quite like no other.”

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'The world needs priests, because the world needs Christ'


  1. Byron Funkhouser6/23/19, 10:40 AM


    The Catholic Church has been the enemy of the human race since its inception, & still is. Don't leave your children alone with a priest.

    Approximately 4 million people were burned at the stake ...

    We don't need Christ, because Jesus ben Joseph wasn't Christ, he was just a good man who had some good ideas that have been badly subverted.

    Christians don't follow the teachings of Jesus, they follow the teachings of a Roman soldier named Saul who told the biggest lie in history.

  2. Even the jewish historians who hated Christ wrote that he rose from the dead. And had he stayed dead, the 12 disciples would have called it quits on christianity. Instead they preached, and were tortured and killed. Why would they do that if christ was a fraud who was dead? They were all businessmen before and could have gone back to work. The catholic church is like a glass of 95% pure water,and the other 5% is poison. Satan loves to poison the true message and mislead people. Priests have proven they follow evil, not good. The bible clearly mentions false religions that look ok to many people. Do not check your mind at the door of a catholic church.

  3. The Priest will not save the World. It is going to hell,Look what is Happening in America ,THE WORLD ORDER is going to turn it into a third world country .Or they will try to with the help of the Press. Look at California. And if the Liberals take over your State or City. You will have more poverty murders, Drugs ,And Corrupt Politicians. Look at Chicago.

  4. I find it hard to understand that over 98.8% of priests have never hurt anyone, only a few hundred in the past 100 years were at fault for the injury to children and they are not forgiven for their sins here. But we can have the LGBTQ community which are the most perverted of humanity and we celebrate them with a month of their own and support them. There is really something fucked up in society today. You demonize a whole class of men that support a message of being good and getting an eternal reward and celebrate those that push a strange and evil way of defining love?

  5. Priests are part of the lgbtq community. The ones not actively gay say nothing and allow child rape.


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