Kansas City Bike Lane Debate Persists

Check this policy statement from tax fighters which questions City Hall priorities that serve special interests and a vision of this town limiting auto traffic against the will of most residents and visitors.

Here's the latest hot take on Summer street design that will continue to inspire drama given that a cycling activist was recently elected to Council . . . Take a look:

Building Bike Lanes to Encourage Cycling Is Not Sound Policy

Cycling advocates in Kansas City have been looking for any good news to help trumpet the $400 million-dollar plan to expand bike lanes. BikeWalkKC seems to think it has found one such bit of good news when it comes to daily rider counts on Armour Boulevard:


  1. GET RID of the BIKE LANES on ARMOUR!!!!

  2. he's right. Someone just needs to dump a bag of cement in one of these lanes and hose it down. do it few times a week and we can go back to having safe streets instead of dumb fucking experiments that make life worse for everyone

  3. Even if there are a whopping 44 bike riders per day on Armour, that does not justify the expense of this experiment or the inconvenience it's causing those trying to drive on Armour.

  4. Shut up! Eric Bunch is gunna fix things!

  5. I seen a city truck patching potholes in the bike lanes yesterday, they didn’t do the ones in the car lanes, who the fuck does that?


  6. Here's the stupidity about those bike lanes on Armour, if you are driving and want to make a left turn your view is obstructed by the cars parked out in the middle of the street. You know the so called protected bike lane. So if I make a left turn on a side street and hit a bike I will sue the city so fast their head will spin because it's impossible to see if that bike lane is clear no matter how you try.

    You people in Kansas City bitch about your tax assessment this year but yet you voted to give the developers more of your tax dollars and also voted for Bunch who is the one who spent your dollars on bike lanes that are dangerous to drivers. Then you bitch because you want affordable housing. What the hell is wrong with you people?

  7. everyone who voted for the airport should go out there everyday, with a chair or a stool, and just sit there and watch it be built, up close.

  8. Eric Bunch and Bike KC boys will continue to screw up arterial streets in Kansas City. Arrogant and stupid!


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