Kansas City Almost Always Cloudy: Dreary Cowtown Or Global Climate Change???

A view from above as this town confronts constantly cloudy conditions. Checkt:

Kansas City has seen rain, snow for 48% of year so far

It has been an extremely wet year for Kansas City so far.As of Tuesday, Kansas City has seen precipitation for 82 out of 169 days. That's 48% of the year so far.That trend does not look like it's stopping anytime soon.Storms are on the way Tuesday evening into Wednesday with some areas possibly receiving more than 2 inches.


  1. It happens no big deal.

  2. A “black” cloud has been over killa shitty since sLIE became mayor, he ruined this little town.

  3. Eat more chicken....the sky is falling....Mooooo!!!6/18/19, 9:00 PM

    It's the cow farts! These crazy, hazy days of massive moisture in flyover cowtown country is brought to us by methane. Occasional-Cortex says so. She also warns the big shit hits the fan in less than a dozen years, now!

  4. Losing an entire month of May to rain is completely normal and certainly no cause for concern.

  5. Good. We need the moisture.


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