Kansas City 'Affordable Housing' Campaign Continues Fight Against Rising Rents

Grousing over landlords and bills is always a good time but rarely makes for sensible public policy. And so this struggle has earned a great deal of social media love along with attempted rent spikes in response but, sadly, not much reaction from 12th & Oak or reduction in the local cost of living for po'folk. Read more:

KC housing fund slow to take off

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri leaders created an affordable housing fund months ago, but it still does not have a dedicated funding source. With less than 12 days until the Kansas City mayoral election, KC Tenants Association volunteers are making calls and encouraging people to think about affordable housing when they head to the polls.


  1. Get a job and you can move where ever you want, amazing how that works. If you choose to let the gubmint pay for your housing than you get whatever they have, and it won’t be in mission hills either! Hahahahaha!

  2. Make it up and they will believe it6/7/19, 7:28 PM

    Some of these new micro apartments, 350 Sq Ft sound like a real affordable deal for about $900 a month.

  3. My rental house was just appraised by Jackson County to $375,000 from $137,000 last year. And we haven't even done anything to it!

    Don't worry though we won't raise the rent. Being good people we will just pay you to live there!

  4. ^^ Let me guess Sly James supporter

  5. 7:28 400lb baby momma couldn’t fit in one of those let alone her seven tax payer funded chitlins! Hahahahaha!


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