Tuesday, June 04, 2019

JoCo Repeat Sex Offender Redux Charge

The Golden Ghetto confronts habitual creepers, here's one example out of many:

Sex offender allegedly reoffends day after sentencing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A day after a man was sentenced for secretly recording women in dressing rooms, the man may have committed a similar crime. Anthony DeLapp, 33, was booked into the Johnson County Detention Center around 6 p.m. Tuesday on a warrant for breach of privacy.


Reality said...

When the Justice system makes an example of just one of these sick fuckers, we can get rid of these sick fuckers! I am going to submit my "patent pending" Human garbage disposal concept to Shark Tank and see if I can get a deal.

Anonymous said...

Old school peeper. Still willing to put the work in.

Anonymous said...

These kind of creeps seem to be almost exclusively white (as am I). Not particularly violent, just f---ed up sexually. Teachers, coaches in the news often. ???

Anonymous said...

You'd actually be incorrect and a victim of your own biases. Whites commit far less sex crimes proportionate to every other ethnic group aside from Asians.