Jackson County Property Tax Double Take

More insight on this repeated local drama than in most reports and definitely worth a look . . .

KCTV5 investigates your property tax hikes


Taxes have recently doubled and even tripled for homeowners across the metro, and that’s a huge hike.

This could never happen in St. Louis because protections are in place. But, there’s nothing blocking the county from deciding your home is worth a whole lot more and nailing you with a new tax bill.

Developing . . .


  1. also, the streetcar is dead after this latest round of property tax hikes because the streetcar would get a ton of its money from spiking the property taxes even more on the expanded route. There's no way that's happening now. Great job jackson county

  2. Media needs to be putting the heat on county and city officials. Not talking to homeowners who we already know are getting screwed.

  3. As someone else said, vote with your feet leave this hell hole!

  4. No media with cojones in this town. All scared shitless of being excluded from access to shitty insiders and news.

    Each station should designate a point person to shine light on the other side of issues than those espoused by the administration.
    Cost to the shitty. Ditto folly trolley and 18th and Vine plus the airport.
    Cannot believe Jolie's ads claim she fixed sidewalks and potholes. Lying piece of shit.


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