Is It Time For Kansas City Bus Freebies Just Like The Toy Train Streetcar?!?!

Possibly the only way to justify the disparity betwixt streetcar riders and the majority of public transit. Here's the newspaper case for more free stuff that will eventually be charged to local homeowners one way or another. Read more:

Kansas City bus service should be free for everyone. In the future, it could be

The city's streetcar shows that free rides are an effective incentive for public transportation users. Star file photo Riding the bus in Kansas City should be free. A radical idea? No. For more than a year, transit officials and area politicians have quietly talked about making at least some Kansas City Area Transportation Authority bus routes permanently fare-free.


  1. How about we fix our schools, roads, plumbing, crime rate, or any other basic service before we give out more free shit

  2. Years ago the ATA revealed fares only pay 15% of the cost of the bus system. If you consider the cost of counting the change, the accounting for bus passes, etc., the labor of dealing with the fares probably costs more than 15%.

    This is actually a proposal that makes sense and has the potential to reduce auto traffic. Why not give it a trial run?

  3. "This is actually a proposal that makes sense and has the potential to reduce auto traffic."


  4. Wait for it says!

    This sounds like one of slie’s sneaky moves, They're gonna raise taxes for the bus system, I’m guessing that’s the whole idea behind it, the thing isn’t going to pay for itself now is it?

  5. Byron Funkhouser6/27/19, 4:40 PM

    ^^Stupid Petersucker, you're already paying for it. Can't you read?

  6. CensoredCitizen6/27/19, 4:41 PM

    Residents would prefer riders of the fair weather toy train pay a fee to ride.

  7. 4:40 stupid petersucker, apparently you’re not smart enough to read so let me lay it out for you, he means more taxes you effing idiot, why do you continually show how stupid you are? I mean it’s simply stated but apparently someone as retarded as you can’t figure it out, and why do you continually stick your nose in other peoples business anyway? go petersuck some where else before you have a stroke that we would have to pay for, got it petersucker.

    Now get lost dummy.

  8. Wouldn't it be great if they took the money they just issued the TDD bonds with and decided to give it to the ATA for a free bus ride instead?

    I mean why not? The counsel feels embolden to do just about anything.

    You're not getting the federal matching funds for the streetcar.
    Why then, did you just issue the TDD bonds?
    What's the money for?

  9. I’d say a fare hike is more likely. KCATA keeps giving away the farm in opposition to the interests of the riding public e.g. free buses given away, a million dollars toward toy train expansion (and diverted from bus transit) etc etc

    If u ever been in the military in ur life bus is already free BTW.



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