Horrible South Kansas City Blue Ridge Crash Tonight Inures Woman And Three Children

Car crashes don't usually make it into the feed but this one is exceptionally bad and serves as a reminder to our blog community to be careful driving late night. Take a look:

4 hurt in crash at 87th, Blue Ridge Thursday night, KCPD says

Four people were injured in a two-vehicle crash Thursday night, Kansas City police said.Police officers were called at 8:45 p.m. to 87th Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard on the two-vehicle crash.Accident investigators said it appears an SUV hit a white car while making a left-hand turn.Police described the injuries as serious.


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  3. 8:00AM diaper guy? How old are you, really? 17?
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  5. Sorry to inform everyone but on yesterday the young lady that was hit and left and was left in a coma for more than 18 months has gained her wings. The family thanks you for covering this story. But now we are demanding Justice for her. We are asking for any help to give her a home going.



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