Sunday, June 09, 2019

Hopeful Midtown Kansas City Residents Claim Country Club Plaza And Westport Street Vacay Weekend Security Crackdown Working

This report explains new tactics and tougher rules that have resulted in success in keeping the peace at the outset of the Summer.

Has the security improvement come too late to save Midtown?!?!?

Take a look:

Security, curfews back in place for summer at Plaza, Westport

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Over the last few years, new protocols have been put in place on the Plaza and in Westport. Some say it keeps people safe. Others say it could violate a person's civil liberties. It is summer in the city and people are out on the Plaza.


Anonymous said...

Things we hope to see on the Plaza:

1. Nail saloon
2. Massage parlors
3. Payday loan establishments
4. 1,000 square foot KC Star e-print home office. (No more dead trees)
5. Liquor store

Vibrantly painted please!

Anonymous said...

^^^ +1000

would also like a Captain D's.

Anonymous said...

Curfews don't work if they're not enforced.

Plahzah needs a Church's Chicken, a Gate's B.B. Q. and a basketball court.

Waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with our innovative ways said...

You can sit on a sidewalk table at a fancy and expensive cafe and watch motorcycle kids racing and do wheelies and stunts on The Plaza.

It's pretty kewl

Anonymous said...

Laws don’t work if they’re not enforced.

Anonymous said...

This is BS the Plaza is not ever going to recover, it's nothing but a cheap outdoor mall. The streets on the Plaza are even crumbling and that never happened before. I'm wondering when Cheesecake Factory will move out. The curfew should be way earlier and if you think this is going to work they will either start earlier of find another place to terrorize. Punishment is the answer.

Anonymous said...

A Weave and Extensions Shoppe (Hair Hats R Us?) could turn things around, maybe.

Anonymous said...

10:48---And wigs for Gwen/Glenn the "hair hat' Grant.

Anonymous said...

You forgot that nasty ass lufti’s fish place, god that place is a shithole.

Anonymous said...

No, seriously, "Hair Hats R Us" is the answer!

Black Women (and some folks calling themselves Black "Men") spend a fortune on "Hair Hats", desperately trying to make the hair on their head look like anything other than an African's Hair!

That influx of cash might be enough to plug the holes in the keel of the sinking ship we call The Plaza.

Momentum!!! said...

Y'all, Plaza's going great.....long as there's plenty of bushes strategically placed for diving into when the hoods get them guns agoing!