Monday, June 17, 2019

Hit & Run Impacts Kansas City Long-Suffering 'Mothers In Charge' Leader

This local lady leader has endured tough times and now her latest challenge is related to this town's traffic trouble which is even more deadly than rising violence. Here's a look at the latest tragedy to befall her fam as we hope for a quick recovery following this traffic tragedy. Read more:

Daughter of anti-violence activist injured in hit-and-run

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Rosilyn Temple of KC Mothers in Charge works to end violence across the metro. Early Sunday morning her only daughter became the victim of a violent hit-and-run that resulted in the loss of her leg. "I just dropped my phone. I started screaming," Temple said, remembering the notification from her daughter-in-law.


Anonymous said...

Partying in the shithole ghetto at 4am? Not a great idea. The only people out at that hour are criminal hood rats.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Maybe she was getting up early and going to work you unbelievable d-bag? That kind of cruelty is really tough, you must be extremely confident.

chuck said...

Jeeze, that is terrible news.

Anonymous said...

Smoking crack is whack and gets you runned over in da hood!

Anonymous said...

7:04 before you call people douchebags you might not be one yourself and read the story asshole.

This time her 36-year-old daughter LaShanda Temple had been hit by a car at 31st and Benton around 4 a.m. LaShanda had just left a party and was getting into a parked car.

Anonymous said...

No body deserves to have this happen. How can a person live with them self killing someone?
I am hope that it was an accident, just come forward and clear you mind.

Anonymous said...

@8:18, read before you post - the young lady was not killed.
It's tragic enough that she lost a leg, but she is alive.
And again, read the story, it was not an accident, someone crossed the street at high speed to hit her.