Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Golden Ghetto Reality Check: Sprint Stays Losing With Or Without T-Mobile Acquisition

Earlier this year Sprint warned that it will not be able to survive if the deal does not get approved.

And so, today's trouble with regulators and authorities attempting to hold up the deal WILL NOT SAVE JOHNSON COUNTY JOBS.

Whilst politicos hope to save consumers for the MEGA-TELCOM in the making the monopoly nightmare doesn't work out for JoCo jobs no matter which side stays winning.

Execs have put their homes on the market and now all that's left is to watch this company end with a bang or a whimper.

Reports: States will sue to stop $26.5B Sprint-T-Mobile deal

NEW YORK (AP) - Published reports say a group of state attorneys general are planning a lawsuit to block a $26.5 billion merger of wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint. It's an unusual step ahead of a decision by federal antitrust authorities. The reports from Reuters and The Wall Street Journal cite unidentified people familiar with the matter.

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Reality Speaker said...

In other news: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez stated that she thought Taco Bell was a Mexican phone company.

Anonymous said...

Merger approved: A rapid death for Sprint.
Merger blocked: A very slow death for Sprint.
Choose your poison.

Anonymous said...

Doris Shepard ruined the workplace at DST and Sprint in my opinion. She was a misfit that ruined morale and self worth in my opinion. That's why these firms fail-they hire negative and stupid people in my opinion. She was a gimp due to her own negligence in my opinion,

Anonymous said...

^^ Are you sure about your opinion?