Friday, June 07, 2019

Flashback Friday: 12 Years Later And Still No NHL Hockey Once Promised To Kansas City

Here's a lame take on local hockey love without much mention that the "Downtown Renaissance" lie was based the promise of a pro hockey or pro b-all team that has yet to materialize along long a viable biz model that's not completely supported by taxpayer subsidy. Read more:

KC hockey shows plenty of signs of momentum


Jack said...

I use to be a hockey fan of the KC Scouts. What a good time we all had at the Kemper then. Since they left I have come to realize that Kansas City will never have or be able to support either a Hockey or Basketball team. Why you ask? Because KC just does not have enough top 500 companies. Companies use tickets as write offs and customer entertainment. With players making such high salaries the small companies and private citizens just can't produce the money to sustain those teams. I understand athletes need to make what they do because of the lifestyle and the short life span of their careers.

Joseph said...

The Mavericks are nice and fulfill a niche market. I don’t know if the market base of KC would support 41 games each year at NHL ticket prices for the long term. Yeah it would be nice, as a hockey fan, to have a team to go see at Sprint Center. But I don’t know if it would sustain long term.

I do miss the Blades at Kemper Arena. Lots of nights there with the family watching games.

Go Blues! Can win it all Sunday night!

Anonymous said...

Check out the 2019 fortune 500. There are zero fortune 500 companies based in KC.

Anonymous said...

Only thing worse than a shitty hockey team would be a shitty basketball team

Anonymous said...


When the Ice Crew started dancing suggestively, it gave me a ZAMBONER!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 208 - Garmin, Cerner, HR Block ? Not in the top 500? I agree we don't have enough companies like that with the exceptionally big bucks though.