Fight Jackson County Over Property Taxes And REMEMBER To Vote Against Incumbents

Denizens of the Courthouse hope that the public won't remember property tax spikes at a rate of 100-500% . . . Here's a look at the resident struggle and inspiration to replace every single member of this legislative body from the top down. Take a look:

Part 4: Fight your property tax assessment

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Bunny Coker was stunned by her latest property tax assessment. The 77-year-old's home value double from $24,217 to $58,386, meaning her taxes jumped from $472.33 TO $1,084.73 "I nearly fainted," she said. "I mean, my god, how am I going to pay that?"


  1. Sell the house and then buy a house in Beacon Hill where you don't have to pay property taxes for 25 years.

  2. Here is what Bunny and everyone else is now on the hook for.

    Legislation #:190510 Introduction Date:b 6/20/2019
    Type: Ordinance Effective Date: none
    Sponsor: None
    Title: Stating the intent of the City Council to finance the streetcar system expansion project in an amount not to exceed $185,000,000.00; establishing Fund No. 3440, the Special Obligation Series 2020B Fund; estimating revenue and appropriating $9,100,000.00 in Fund 3440, the Special Obligation Series 2020B Fund; authorizing certain streetcar-related agreements; approving a plan of finance for the streetcar expansion; designating requisitioning authorities; authorizing the Director of Finance to close project accounts upon completion; declaring the intent of the City to reimburse itself from the bond proceeds for certain expenditures; and recognizing this ordinance as having an accelerated effective date.

  3. Ah Toy Train! Have to loot the taxpayers for the extension through property taxes it all makes sense now!

  4. Her taxes did not NECESSARILY jump by the stated amount. The county could reduce the mill levy to generate only the amount needed for the coming fiscal year. That would mean a property tax that is increased beyond that of prior years, but not nearly as large as using the current effective tax rate.

    That said, I have no confidence that the County will show the restraint necessary to tax its residents only enough to cover the county's actual needs. Where there is potential money there are pigs at the trough, and Jackson County has plenty of those.

  5. After all Frankie boy needs to get his house out of foreclosure...... and then there’s that pesky Liz pendance on his house, ouch.

  6. Low property taxes made the slum lords happy as hell. About time they raised the prop was a steal.

  7. They Call it "The New Midwest" at the end of the day its the most corrupt city on the planet!!!! Always has been and with a left city government, always will be.

  8. raise taxes=people leave resulting in the need to increase taxes=people leave; its an endless cycle and eventually there wont be anyone left to tax. City Hall and Jackson County needs to tighten the belt and live within a reasonable means; expanding that stupid toy train is something we DONT need but sewers and streets are!

  9. ^^^When that happens the city will extend the earnings tax to apply to anyone who has ever visited or driven through Kansas City, or can find it on a map.


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