Saturday, June 22, 2019

Felons Earn 2nd Chance In The Dotte

Local low-grade cons enjoy an important effort to get more people into the entry level workplace who hopefully won't realize that their biggest mistake was getting caught. Checkit:

WyCo DA helps provide second chance through expungement


Anonymous said...

God help us all, this clown is beyond stupid, he must be trying to get his family members records cleared.

Byron Funkhouser said...

It's not stupid.

If you don't want them to be repeat offenders, then give them a chance.

There were not sentenced to life time unemployment.

Dennis Funkhouser said...

^^^^^^^^What's stupid is you sitting all day waiting for Tony Kansas City to post something so you who lives no where close to Kansas City can up and say something stupid.

Hillary lost get over it.
Jutus lost get over that also.

Leave people in Kansas City alone you cause enough shame on the family.

Anonymous said...

This guy is half baked! What exactly does he think this is going to do? Help them become better citizens by ignoring the problem in hopes that it will go away?

Anonymous said...

This fool has swallowed whole every race myth African Studies departments have dreamed up. He's in the same league as the prosecutors-race hustlers in Baltimore and Chicago. Most likely Soros money funded his campaign as it did theirs.

Jeff said...

This is a verybbn good idea. Gicw a hand up not a hand out. Great job Mr Dupree