Friday, June 28, 2019

Feds Crackdown On KC Contract Fakers

Vital enforcement on this jobs intended to support the troops and urban core communities. Take a look:

KC grand jury: Men took $346M in contracts meant for minorities and disabled vets

Witnessing a crime and reporting it can be just as frightening as being the victim of a crime. Here's what you should do if you witness illegal activity. A federal grand jury has indicted two men who pocketed $346 million in federal government contracts that were set aside for small businesses owned and operated by service-disabled veterans and minority-owned companies.


Reality Speaker said...
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Reality Speaker said...

Wouldn't one assume federal investigative oversight would find these two assholes long before they managed to steal THAT MUCH MONEY.

I don't believe the feds deserve much (any) praise for allowing this (and many more) scam(s) to develop to this degree.

What if the assholes decided to stop at say $250 million and split. Would they have ever been discovered and caught?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Senator Elizabeth Warren, who fraudulently claimed Native American status to get a coveted faculty position.

She displaced an actual minority who would have gotten the job as part of a diversity program.

Funny how the liberal media looks the other way while she runs for the 2020 Democratic nomination. said...

Yes. WHITE PEOPLE STEAL, ARE ROUTINELY DISHONEST AND ENTITLED...When will the feds deal with that. White people get all of the jobs just for being White. Give somebody else a chance... not a chance. Virtually every rule created by FNRA, SEC, FDIC, Federal Reserve Board are the result of White male greed and criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

You may be right. Blacks have to steal at the county and city level. That's unfair as KC and Jackson county have some of the best "stealers" around, and should have the opportunity to steal at the fed level.