Ew: Kansas Confronts Big, Oily Dump

Fossil fuel speculators don't wipe up their mess and this important note shows us eco-drama that pollutes the property of local residents. Take a look:

Kansas regulators struggle with record-high 22K abandoned oil, gas wells

EUDORA - Judith Wells brought her car to a slow crawl on a gravel road in Douglas County.She wasn't marveling at the beauty of nature or the toil of modern farmers. Nor was she drawn to the sprinkling of lovely rural homesteads.She was intent on consuming details of crude pooling at the base of a pump jack within shouting distance of Little Wakarusa Creek.


  1. That well is part of Beyonce's vast investment portfolio

  2. Relic of Dick Cheney's last hurrah period.

  3. Byron Funkhouser6/24/19, 11:20 AM

    10:53, I never ever think of Beyonce, but then I don't have a strong need to hate successful blacks.

  4. Residual effect of Brownnack's Topeka Taliban's relaxing of fracking regs. Now you pay the piper.

  5. We don't need the gubment regulating our industries. They'll regulate themselves. What a fucking joke.


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