Saturday, June 01, 2019

Eastern Jack Truman Award Tribute To Legacy Of Senator John McCain

Think piece and contrary to the Prez Trump populist movement but still worth a glimpse for historical reference and a local connection to a Republican stalwart and war hero. Read more:

McCain: Father shared Truman's vision of world

Doug McCain, son of late U.S. Senator John McCain, will speak about his father's legacy Saturday while accepting the Truman Public Service award on his behalf.The award is given to those recognized by the city has having the qualities of "dedication, industry, ability, honesty and integrity."


chuck said...

John McCain was a Deep State, uni-party piece of shit. Never met a war he didn't love and a Fascist Democrat he couldn't work with to screw over the middle class.

For the last 3 years, all we have heard about, is how horrible Russia was for "Interfering" in our elections. John McCain was the catalyst for the overthrow of a duly elected Government in the Ukraine.

Shocking that the Russians didn't like that.

McCain helped deliver this country into division with the delivery of what he KNEW was phony information from the now famous "Russian Dossier" into the intelligence agencies, FBI, CIA et al, in order to AGAIN, thwart the will of the people and sow discord that even now, pulls this nation apart at the seams.

Fuck John McCain and the Deep State scumbags that operate behind the curtain and seek power, money and sinecure at the expense of the Republic.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Chuck

Byron Funkhouser said...

There is no "Deep State" & you don't like McCain because you're one of Der Fuhrer's Brownshirts & you think what your master tells you to think.

McCain was a hero & you are not!

Anonymous said...

At least he didn't claim bone spurs. Ummmmm. Let's see which foot was that on, again?

Anonymous said...

McCain surrendered and gave info to the enemy. I don't like people who surrender and collaborate.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^100 % Correct

Anonymous said...

Chuck once i a while you can be a real asshole.

chuck said...

10:32 Only "once in a while"?



Byron, if you click your ruby slippers together, maybe there will be nothing but Patriots on the 7th Floor at the FBI. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Rest in War, John McCain


Jim said...

McCain is the Democratic's favorite Republican, a dead loser.