There will be no incentive reform in Kansas City.

In what is likely the most important election return of the night, KC voters want to keep the gravy train going and hope that promises of jobs and economic growth will inevitably trickle down.

66% of voters voted NO on Question One.

The ballot measure would have capped at 50% the amount of property taxes the city can abate or redirect on development projects.

Pundits hope there will be continued conversation for incentive reform but activists now have very little leverage for their arguments. Instead, KC voters choose GREED OVER FEAR.

Meanwhile, the market limits incentives better than any local government as recession looms and the building boom inside the loop might very well be complete.

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  1. Great comment here, T. Thought you wouldn't mind if I reposted it:

    I’m betting a lot of people thought voting no meant no more tax giveaways, it was a stupid way to say no by voting yes. Probably done that way on purpose.

  2. Question 1 lost because the developers spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, while the yes campaign had no money.

  3. Nothing has changed in KCMO and a different vote on this issue wouldn't have accomplished much either.
    Lucas and the other newly-elected hacks will shortly be reporting to the board room at the Chamber to be given the agenda and priorities for the next four years.
    Did you vote?
    Thanks for playing.

  4. The failure of this vote proves that the vast majority of voters in this town are as gullible as the day is long. I'll tip my hat to the group(s) running against this measure. They ran a brilliant campaign. Showed pictures of sad people, told the gullies that KC would essentially die if the measure passed, said that a vote for this measure was a vote against the poor. Well constructed lies and people fell for it hook, line and sinker.

    The truth is that this Shitty Government and their developer buddies have had free reign over incentives for many years and what has that netted the people and the parts of the city that actually need help? Not a damn thing. Oh yeah, we have a ton of tax payer funded playground area downtown for the well-to-do. But what has that got the majority of the working class and poor?

    It's a real shame how bought-and-paid-for our local officials are. I think they know deep down in some corner of their corrupted hearts that this is bad for the city. But who cares as long as the rich get richer, the local officials stay paid, and the working class continue to get screwed. All's right with the world!


  5. ^^and yet the world goes on. Weird.

  6. Rich continue getting richer.

  7. @8:51 AM

    Yes, the world will go on my friend. What will also "go on" are your taxes continuing to rise while the tax burdens of corporations and developers continue to go down at YOUR expense thanks to your trusted, elected officials. Weird huh?



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