Double Fatality On Kansas City Highway Of Death Sunday Morning

The most poorly designed road in Kansas City history claims more lives as our blog community calls out "THE HIGHWAY OF DEATH" if only to warn our fellow residents that this street is among the worst in town. Take a look:

Two killed in wrong way crash on 71 Highway at 22nd Street

Two people were killed in a wrong way crash on 71 Highway at 22nd Street early Sunday morning


  1. "The most poorly designed roadway" was designed by lawyers, not civil engineers, so the next time you go to court, ask to be represented by a P.E., not an attorney, and see how that goes. Oh, and piss away 25 years waiting to reach a decision, too.

  2. I guess the wrong way Driver couldnt hail a Uber driver so instead tried to make back home on his own. Less and less Uber drivers these days stick with the scam since scooters, toy trains continue to compete for transportation. My last Uber driver said Uber takes 50% of the fare and also said most riders dont tip, and that after expenses are taken out by the driver - Taxes, depreciation, maintainence etc etc, a Uber driver makes roughly 9 cents a mile. I wont use rideshare anymore until the greedy rideshare companies start paying drivers what they are worth, cant support that kind of sweat shop mentality just because I need a cheap ride somewhere.

    1. Then he shouldn't drive Uber if it isn't worth the time.


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