Saturday, June 08, 2019


The effort to tear down or re-purpose these structures was a promise from Mayor Sly James. Sadly, at the conclusion of his tenure very little progress has been achieved and the crisis continues to encourage crime and blight throughout the city limits. Take a look:

These American Cities Have The Most Vacant Homes

A new report identifies American cities that are experiencing a post-housing crisis hangover. 24/7 Wall St., a financial news website, used tax assessor data from ATTOM Data Solutions to examine the number of single-family homes and condos that are empty in 15,957 ZIP codes, to determine which American cities had the most vacancies.


Anonymous said...

Wow look on that list at Gary Indiana. Roughly 20% vacant homes.

Wikipedia demographics from 2010 census: 84% African American population. 30% single mom households.

Sounds like Kansas City 3rd district.

Anonymous said...

^^^ absolutely correct.

sLIE has failed at everything he’s touched...... except the tax giveaways, the crooked ass developers are sLIE’s best friend and from a developers point of view they scored bigly with our money.

Anonymous said...

We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the central core (3rd district) west of Indiana over thirty years and it has absolutely done no good, a total failure of the city and the people who live there. The fat fake revs on the other hand have scored, look at Morningstar baptist church as a prime example, the city has demolished everything within a ten block area and not charged them a dime, built an apartment building and private community center for free and moved a police station 12 blocks to be across the street from them. The city bought the old McDonald’s on prospect and is tearing it down for free so Morningstar can have the land. More failures and no accountability to come folks.

Censored Citizen said...

Chris Hedges, an American journalist, best describes this deterioration of America's Heartland as an "unstoppable death spiral."
This contradicts the vile spewing minions from city hall.
But KCMO has momentum"
Top 5 in most violent towns
Top 20 in most debt load
#1 woman beater team in the NFL
Top losing team in MLB
Top 20 in having the most vacant homes
#1 most disgusting failing newspaper
Most pot holes per street mile

Anonymous said...

Barry put the fundamental transformation on America, alright! He placed "hope and change" in the burbs in big numbers. Subsidized apartments and houses were built in the higher achievement districts to "diversify" for future opportunities! Flight from blight, just like he did by coming to Kansas from Kenya.

Anonymous said...

You forgot. We have the worst schools, too.

Anonymous said...

Vacant houses are our attempt at affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

That number is wrong, the city has admitted to having over 16,000 vacant homes, they must’ve have gotten those numbers from Baghdad Bob aka gopher boi.

Anonymous said...

Vacant homes stand errected instead of being torn town because its cheaper to wait and let a homeless person set it on fire so KCFD makes top headlines that help justify corrupt budgets of one of the greatest corrupt city departments and tax payer waste of money of all city services know to a tax payer!!!, the problem is unless a taxpayer actually needs the service or try to call the service for "service" they would never know the truth about the service. It amazes me that a Fire Department in a city this size gets more money and media attention as a city department than a police department with a homicide rate equal to Chicago and Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Re methodology of the study. Does the assessors file for residential land state if property is occupied or not? It would say if a vacant lot but how does the asssessor know if it’s occupied?