Saturday, June 29, 2019

Digging Deep Into Historic Gay Rights Fight: Kansas City Connection Uncovered

A journalistic plunge into local roots related to a historic gay rebellion that sparked the post-modern and still ongoing thrust for equality that's still underway whilst confronting furious pushback from so many locals who might be curious yet still scared of social change going so deep.

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The moments in Kansas City that set the stage for Stonewall

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Fifty years ago today, a group of gay, lesbian and transgender people in New York's Greenwich Village made history when they fought back during a police raid of the Stonewall Inn. It was a pivotal event that has been commemorated every year since.


Anonymous said...

something to be proud of. Just like the founding fathers and war vets.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Here's why they are proud:

When the police attacked the civil rights activists, they ran.
When the police attacked the anti-war demonstrators, the ran.
When the police attacked the gay patrons of The Stonewall Inn, they fought back. The ensuing battle lasted for three days.

This why it's called Gay Pride, & this is why they march: to commemorate this famous battle where they stood their ground & said, "Enough! Is this a free country, or are those just words?"

I stand with them, because I know, that by extension, they fought for me, too.

"Freedom is merely privilege extended, unless enjoyed by one & all."

And no, I don't give a damn what the Bible says about homosexuals. I can think for myself.

Not A Dick-Sucking, Butt-Fucking Faggot said...

^^^ Too bad they keep losing the HIV War. Such loss is most certainly our gain.

Literally Hitler said...

@3:26 The Stonewall "Riots" were not riots or a "battle". No one "fought". In 1969, everyone under 30 was either fighting in Vietnam or protesting something. A bunch of fetishists were pissed that their cornhole palace was raided and raised hell for a couple of days. Much Ado About Faggotry should be the title of the story.

Anonymous said...

We have way too many queers running loose, swishing around, wearing women’s clothing. It was much better when the were discreet and sucked and buttfucked each other secretly.

Anonymous said...

5:12: And where did you study history? Bob Jones U?

Anonymous said...


After going down in flames, the phoenix arises from the asses of it's predecessor!!!