Deadly Overland Park Shooting All Good

The JoCo DA says that No charges will be filed in Overland Park Boost Mobile deadly shooting and the gunfire was an exercise of self-defense. Here's the aftermath right now . . .

No charges filed against OP clerk who shot, killed robber

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - No charges will be filed against a Boost Mobile employee who shot and killed a man attempting to rob the store, the Johnson County District Attorney's Office said Monday. An armed man attempted to rob the Boost Mobile store near 76th Street and Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park on the evening of June 10.


  1. Score one for the good guys.

  2. God Bless the 2nd, and good guys with shooting skills6/24/19, 7:03 PM

    Yep. Good job, bud. Two honest working people aren't taken from their loved ones by a murderous thief.

  3. How in the hell can their be no charges? The guy was not trying to hurt anybody, he just needed money. How much money was on hand? $100 or so? Is legal to kill someone over $100?

    1. Did you even bother to read the article? This waste of space was armed. He wasn't there for a freaking social call. Good for this clerk on saving the taxpayers money.

    2. Your joking right??

    3. Bleeding Heart Hysterics!6/25/19, 9:02 AM

      Go to hell, 8:40 & 9:57! The loser lowlife crimmie would sure as shit have killed the two employees over $100, or whatever was on hand. Yeah, he'd have wanted to make a sure getaway, and try to eliminate witnesses.

      8:40, how would you know "he just needed the money". You didn't consider he could have WANTED the money motivated by greed. Or, that he was influenced by substance addiction. THOSE are not NEEDS!

  4. Final score

    Humans 1
    Nogs 0

  5. Kansas allows anyone over 18 to carry. No license or training required. Huge number of people in kansas carry guns. Bad guys beware!

  6. 8:40, so you're in the shotspotter zone of Killa Shitty now, around midnight, handing out Benjamins to da bros what's broke. Right? They just need some money. So, give them yours.

  7. The dead idiot was from Grandview. Keep your trash Missouri.

  8. The foiled robber's kin will probably try for a settlement, but his mama and babymamas should not get paid on this (that is, if there is real justice). The Boost employees deserve an extra paid week off, and that brave defender of his co-worker and himself deserves a raise, a bonus and a letter of appreciation from Boost owners.


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