Cornell Law News Celebrates Success Of Kansas City Mayor-Elect Quinton Lucas

Article with a wayback angle offers an outside perspective on a local election win and the latest reminder that this town remains mired in post-coital election bliss whilst a spending spree is underway at City Hall. Take a look:

From Homeless to Mayor: Cornell Law Alumnus Elected Kansas City Mayor

On June 18, Quinton Lucas J.D. '09 was elected mayor of Kansas City, Missouri. Lucas, 34, ran on a platform focused on expanding affordable housing, improving healthcare in the community, and criminal justice reform. During his run for mayor, Lucas was endorsed by the local police department, fire department and teachers' union.


  1. Our new tax and hide Mayor

  2. Free bus rides for all! Free!

  3. Affirmative action sucks. Quinton took the place of a more qualified student. Who knows, we might have ended up with a qualified mayor instead of a drunken, lying, dipshit homosexual.

  4. "Homeless" is actually more respectable than "Mayor of Kansas City."

  5. If Cornell only knew that we had the worst two possible choices to vote on in the history of elections, they probably really outta keep quite about the whole thing.

  6. I’m betting that Lucas didn’t spend more than a week “homeless” in his entire youth. And not at the same time either


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