Clap Back: Kansas City Chiefs Fans Dispute 'Worst' Ranking By Fake News Science

An important denial and KICK-ASS READER suggesting news link disputing carefully crafted "research" that conflicts with hometown pride. Read more:

Sorry, science, but Kansas City Chiefs fans are the NFL's best fans

This is the online version of our morning newsletter, The Morning Win. Subscribe to get irreverent and incisive sports stories, delivered to your mailbox every morning. Get the heck out of here with your rigorously researched quantitative analysis, Emory University professor Mike Lewis. How dare you, sir?


  1. Some chucklehead spent a total of three weeks in kc, with his most recent visit being five years ago, and he claims that a study conducted last year is wrong, based on his "experience"?

    Sorry chuckles, I'll stick with the Science, I've seen our fans in action.

  2. and the fans are assholes

  3. ^^Your opinion, and thankfully your opinion has never, and will never, matter.

  4. they never said "worst" fans they said dumbest


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