Monday, June 03, 2019

Check The Kansas City Binge-watch Bonanza

Basically, modern family life for the fading American middle-class is mostly eating junk food and watching garbage. However, here are a few choice selections from our favorite bloggers. Read more:

Becca's TV Binge Watching Bonanza | HeSaysSheSaysKC

Brent and I love binge watching TV with some good series anyway. But since we've spent nearly four of the first five months indoors, we've punched through a ton of shows. The Midwestern weather has been something else. First it was the constant snow and ice, and then Noah's Arc amounts of rain.


Anonymous said...

So, does Becca have nice tits? Does she give up the poodle? Otherwise, I couldn’t care less what she watches.

Anonymous said...

^^and we couldn't care less what you post either!

Nowhere near 2 cents worth! said...

Ya cared enough to post that!

NicK said...

WTF? why would yall waste your time and space on this