Friday, June 28, 2019

Check Kansas City Big Money Summer Guide

EXCELLENT local overview and highlights of some of the better places to put A LOT of money in this cowtown. Checkit:

Where to Stay, Play and Invest in Kansas City - Worth

With a population of just under 500,000, Kansas City, Mo. is a Midwestern mecca of art, culture and business. So Worth is bringing you some of the most interesting businesses, hotels, restaurants and attractions in KC. KC Tech Council is on a mission to make Kansas City the top tech hub in the region.


Sly James Frosty Shit Hole City said...

Welcome to Killa Shitty!

Anonymous said...

Do not move to Kansas City. There’s no sign of intelligent life in Jackson county but they’ll keep finding new ways to rob the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City Startup Village?

LOL it's really not there anymore writer needs to do some research.

Anonymous said...

All that's left at the Startup Village headquarters is a Office Space for Lease sign out front.

Anonymous said...

All that talk and not one damn word about the Toy Train, the incredible wonderfulness of anything north of Kauffman or how innovative the Plastic Box at KCI will be when it opens in 2036.

Articles like this are going to slow down our momentum!