Tuesday, June 18, 2019


To be fair, there will be far more local broke-ass people going to work via public transit than voters exercising their right to choose betwixt two sides of the same coin. Check this reminder:

KCATA offers free bus fares in KCMO on Election Day

RideKC routes will offer free fares all day on Tuesday, June 18, to make it easier for citizens to vote in Kansas City, Missouri’s Election.

“Exercising the right to vote is so important that we want to make it as easy as possible to get to the polls,” said KCATA President and CEO Robbie Makinen.

On Election Day, fares on KCATA RideKC bus routes serving Kansas City, Missouri, will be free.

Customers can plan their travel early. For help planning your trip, call 816-221-0660 and be ready to provide the starting address and the address of the polling place you will be traveling to. Customers can also plan a trip with Google Transit trip planner, available on the home page of RideKC.org. The Regional Transit Call Center is also open weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I will celebrate democracy by voting for Question 1. And by not voting for with a fat lesbian or a closeted homosexual affirmative action black boy for mayor.

Midtown Hates You said...

^^^ Please stay in Hutchinson, Kansas.


Anonymous said...

7:20 please mind your own business in frogville sonny boi, nobody asked for your opinion. Now get lost biotch! Hahahahaha!

Hutchison has the cosmosphere, what does frogville have besides busted down trailer parks?

Anonymous said...

^^^ and probably no murderous blacks in Hutchison either......

Anonymous said...


Free bus rides and blacks will still cry voter suppression.
Agree with 6:54 Fat lesbian or affirmative action black boi, and to you idiots I'm in KC right in the middle of midtown not Hutchinson or anyplace else your tin foil hat is leaking through to your little shriveled up brain.

Anonymous said...

^^like you cry everyday on here loser????

Anonymous said...

Free bus rides and a little waling around money from Freedom Inc.
What's not to like?
What election?
Who's running for what, again?
The spiral continues.

Anonymous said...

^^as does your whining.