Thursday, June 13, 2019

Can Sleaze Scummit Talk It Out?!?

Mediation begins for this embattled suburb and their tragic racial tension conflict. Checkit:

Lee's Summit School Board to address battle that's made national headlines

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO (KCTV) -- The Lee's Summit School Board will publicly address a rather nasty battle they have been trying to resolve behind the scenes. With the superintendent threatening to walk, Investigative Reporter Angie Ricono reviews below how things have gotten to such a point.


Anonymous said...

The superintendent is threatening to walk? You meant he is promising to walk, not threatening, right? That would be the best thing ever to happen to that shithole.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So equity means dumbing things down so non-white kids can pass?

Springheel said...

Stand fast or be like every other decent town that lowered their standards to these commie sub-intelligent losers. Let this bastard go, and then shitcan everyone who lacked guts or wisdom to stand up against this type of same old turdbird revolutionary fuckhead. We are letting this kind of crap win, and they only use it because they lack character and content. It is difficult to pose truth and substance against their rhetoric (albeit 4th grade level) because the media backed power seems to want decent middle class folks to fall to anarchists. Then they pick up the pieces and put us all in a world of shit. Think it ain't so ? Watch "Dr. Zhivago" again, but I guess most of the folks that can read think that "Black Panther" represents truth and justice.

Anonymous said...

I hope that every black person who lives in Lee's Summit is following this situation closely. They should read the racist comments, and do a re-think on the logic and wisdom behind them moving into these mostly white suburbs expecting to be treated fairly and accepted. They are out there paying top dollar to live in a community that hates them, and will not ever provide a quality education for their kids. Get the hell out and come back and build your own communities.

Anonymous said...

"EQUITY" is a fabricated term from the educational consultant businesses that seek to bleed school districts of their cash.

No one can quite fully explain what "equity" really means, how it's measured or if you know that the plans are working. In that respect it's similar to "climate change" which became the new buzzword after "global warming" crashed and burned (pun intended).

"Equity" proponents allege that the Lee's Summit R-7 School District, while being one of the highest rated districts in the state of Missouri, is somehow deficient due to a widespread unconscious bias from administrators, teachers, counselors, auxiliary staff, etc. This pervasive bias was miraculously discovered only after the previous liberal-dominated LS R-7 school board hired Dr. Carpenter from the failing Hickman Mills School District. The same wayward board that extended his contract for an additional year right before 2 new sane members were elected this Spring.

Dr. Carpenter should resign and find a different district where people are gullible enough to swallow his magic "equity" pill. The Dr.'s prescription advises everyone to take a pill every day for the rest of your life, though it does carry a black-box warning.

Anonymous said...

My kid understands she is privileged.
It’s a right she has earned from doing homework every night- studying for tests- and being active in school activities.
Despite an asshole who doesn’t lead her and poisons her vision of herself.
If he leaves tomorrow it’s too a day too late.
He will leave LS with hatred....ask him how his “leadership” worked out in his former job.
Take the one-way ticket Superintendent Asshole and see how your next job works out...will never forget or forgive your middle finger you have to all of LS.
Who would hire him?

Anonymous said...

^^^Same asshole right here making threats to the Super. Nothing pisses white people off more than an uppity black guy.

Anonymous said...

^^ OK POP... Perpetually Offended P*ssy.