Sunday, June 02, 2019


They called it CHOREOGRAPHED RACISM but a judge has decided that it's a worthless complaint and tosses it. Here's an important update in the ongoing battle over suburban diversity. Read more:

Mom's lawsuit dismissed in ex-Blue Valley dancer's suit

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - A lawsuit against a former Blue Valley Northwest dance mom in a racial discrimination case was dismissed last week. Judge John Lungstrum dismissed the charges against Katie Porter, a teacher at Blue Valley Elementary School, who was listed as a defendant filed in U.S.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Super Dave say this was a witch hunt?

Anonymous said...

Good decision by the judge.

Anonymous said...

When things don’t go your way pull the race card and try to guilt your way to the position.

Progressive tactics 101

Anonymous said...

Black victim tactics

Anonymous said...

Untrue Headline!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tony, do you even bother to read the links you are posting??? It's important because apparently most of your readers don't read them either and just parrot your incorrect headlines (see the above comments).

One named person in the lawsuit was removed. Hear that part again - They dropped one teacher from the overall suit. The lawsuit was NOT dropped. The coach, staff and principal are still named and the lawsuit goes forward.

Maybe promoting your agenda that brings back angry white males with their racist comments and conspiracy theories is more important than correct reporting. But you are risking losing readers as the lack of quality summaries here grow. Get it right.

Anonymous said...

^^^ lighten up Francis

Apparently you didn’t read it either, it says at the very bottom that the case remains against fine, it doesn’t mention anyone else, don’t worry though, the district will still give this race card playing idiot money just to shut them up. I’m pretty sure you missed the part about the girl not being good enough to be on the team, yes, I remember when all this happened. The days of the butt hurt black screaming racism is over, take smullet as one of thousands upon thousands of fake claims as an example.

Anonymous said...

The further out we move they follow us and cause trouble. What is a black girl doing in Blue Valley? Sorry but I'm sick of black people following us and ruining things. They pull that race card no matter what it's about even in restaurants. Sick of it. They are causing trouble in Blue Springs and Lee's Summit too.

Anonymous said...

6:25 - You're kinda missing the point of 1:07's remark but sure, they need to lighten up. If the school district settles this, it's because they know they are going to lose, plain and simple. I always love it when people take this angle. Those charged/sued or whatever, don't settle/plead when they are innocent/not liable.

Anonymous said...

6:25 - Have someone read you the article and this comment since you have doubled down on your illiteracy.

From the middle of the article: "The case lists defendants as Carley Fine, coach, Kevin Murakami, choreographer, Amy Pressly, principal, and Katie Porter, teacher, and mother of another dance team member."

Only Porter was dropped. All others remain (count them, there are 3 others listed by name) and the lawsuit was not dismissed.

Leave the legal punditry to those that know what's going on. Stick to what you know, which appears to be cheer-leading reverse racism myths and your white supremacy credo.

Still waiting for TKC to fix their headline.