Badly Decayed Corpse Discovered In KCK

The heat over the past couple of days has melted just about everything under the sun and so neighbors were obviously aghast to see (and smell) this dead body laying around their community for a couple of days. Read more:

KCK detectives investigating dead body on S. 14th

Police officers are investigating a death in the 1100 block of south 14th street.


  1. Don't see how anyone can ever become used to the smell of decayed flesh.

  2. LatinX come from hot equatorial zones, but our extremes in Midwest humidity is a mofo, for them, too!6/29/19, 3:39 PM

    Residents in that area likely have windows shut, a/c blasting, and their scented OLOGuadalupe candles burning.

    Smoke from the many back yard grills (and front yard cookers--away from those spoiled pet peros jumping on the picnic tables to grab the platters of polos) along with the tiendas' barbacoa grills and smokers along Central Avenue and Kansas Avenue, should help cover the stink.

  3. If it was a dead pit bull they would lower the flags at half mast.


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