Tuesday, June 04, 2019

After Building Small Wall: Kobach Shares Plan For Mexico Immigration Crisis

It's a nice idea that only your drunk uncle will listen the Kansas Conservative alienated voters in AN OVERWHELMINGLY RED STATE by jumping aboard the Prez Trump media bandwagon rather than contributing anything serious to policy. His analysis of mean tweets is thoughtful but Prez Trump has still left him hanging without much progress on placement in his administration following a crushing defeat after the desperate politico showed off a toy gun to a parade for families. Read more:

Kris Kobach: What We Need from Mexico

KRIS W. KOBACH The President that the tariffs will be remain in place unless and until "Mexico substantially stops the illegal inflow of aliens coming through its territory."What that means is open to debate; and it was probably intentionally left vague.


chuck said...

Mexico is a hostile foreign power. They WANT to flood our country with illegals and drugs and ADMIT it.

“If they do not treat [us] well commercially, they should not expect us to treat them well by containing the migration that comes from other regions of the world and crosses Mexico,” Guajardo said. “Or they should not expect to be treated well in collaboration with security issues in the region.”

Ildefonso Guarjardo Mexico Economic Minister

However, Mexican Minister Ildefonso Guarjardo’s threat was mild compared to a threat in January 2017, when another Mexican official promised to flood the U.S. with South American drugs and gang violence:

In a stunning segment on Fareed Zakaria’s CNN broadcast January 29th, 2017, Mexico’s former foreign minister, Jorge Castaneda, states the Mexican government was willing to counter U.S. President Donald Trump policy by unleashing drug cartels upon the U.S. border.


Byron Funkhouser said...

Bullshit, Chuck

If I were the Mexican President, I would close the border, end diplomatic relations & expel diplomats. Then we would see who needs who.

Aside: Mexico cannot "unleash" the drug cartels. That's just as stupid as claiming that they "send" people here.

They are not our enemy, they are our neighbors & No. 2 trading partner.

Anonymous said...

Chuck..you watch too much TV,. Get a life! Loser!

chuck said...

You're IQ has it's pants, as usual, around it's ankles.

The U.S. economy is $20 trillion. If Mexican imports are $347 billion total, that’s around 2% of our total economy. Yeah, worst case scenario a burrito goes up a nickel… De nada.

"If I were the Mexican President, I would close the border, end diplomatic relations & expel diplomats. Then we would see who needs who."

Bring it on.

The chaos and dysfunction at the Southern Border is a real time, boots on the ground threat to this country and a now, fast moving assault on our sovereignty that is calculated and encourage by those on the left, who hope to replace the white votes from the middle class that they lost, with votes from government dependent illegals.

The pretense that BORDERS are not a prerequisite for what is traditionally thought of as a COUNTRY is more Orwellian legerdemain from seditious, malodorous, myopic, short sighted 5th column traitors who unknowingly seek their own destruction in a narcissistic paroxysm of virtue signalling taught to them by their thought leaders in the Media and the Democrat/Fascist/Socialist party.

You go ahead and make deals with the devil and hope he kills you last.

I will put a fuckin bullet in the fuckin devil's head.

Anonymous said...

To bad Byron isn't the mexican president so he could do just that. Then see how long before it all turns to shit when millions of US of A dollars is no longer flowing into that shithole of a country.

The Truth of the Matter Could Be said...

Kobach used a gun in parades to show he supported peoples rights to own guns and probably how he would fight for the taxpayers.

Every other picture you see of Davids is her standing there in boxing gloves which no matter how you look at it is something used to promote fighting and violence.

At least Kobach is hetrosexual and not a lesbian freak like Davids. Unless Davids is just saying she is a lesbo for the attention while getting dick in deep dark alleyways in KCK.

Anonymous said...

Chuck: "You're IQ has it's pants, as usual, around it's ankles".

So much stupidity in one phrase for a guy calling out someone's IQ.

Prorkba said...

The Mexican cartels and the invasion of illegal aliens are on the same level as ISIS but yet we bring in tens of thousands of their insurgents into our country every month. It's like having Iran right next door and inviting them into our living rooms.

Anonymous said...

Once again, President Trump is playing 3D Chess while the DemocRATS and their minions in black dresses are playing Mah-Jonng. The legal system in this country is as rotten as a month old potato thanks to eight years of Obomanation's influence. Meanwhile, in CONgress, the DemocRATS worry about impeachment and the RepubliCANT's worry about their profit margins. and not one of them cares that America is being systematically invaded by Third World, disease carrying, unskilled, crude, violent, drug trafficking, human detritus.

It is exactly for times such as these that the Founders created the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

chuck said...


It's called "personification".

My Border Collie scored higher on her Scholastic Aptitude Test than you did.

Look up "Remedial", yep, that's your picture!

I gotta go to work, go fuck yourself right after you watch the View for all of you talking points today.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, Chuck - sitting in the Library all day reading the Breitbart web is not "going to work"!

Anonymous said...

^^^ wow..., brilliant, just eviscerating, no one will EVAR forget that comment.


Anonymous said...

Chuck, they are the biggest trading partner with the U.S. bigger than China on a percentage basis. I agree with tougher immigration rules but that kind of rhetoric turns people off.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is such a tough talker for a guy who has been routinely beaten up by blacks. Where was all this talk when you got your ask kicked? Exactly how many times has it been now?

Anonymous said...

Kkkobach didn't build shit. He just wants to use this as a publicity stunt to keep trying to enhance his public profile to appeal to his far right fascist racist followers and to try and curry favor with Captain Coverup Bonespurs.

Chuck M. Lowe said...


Fuck you cocksucker.

This, is, no longer, the Golden Gloves.

I am, seriously, you fuckin piece of shit, your fuckin Huckleberry.

Fuck you cocksucker.


Anonymous said...

We can't expect Mexico to do anything until we change our laws, legalize weed, decriminalize drugs, only lock up serious offenders ie. rape, murder armed robbery. Offer solutions to addiction and rehabilitation, stop using the prison system as a cattle farm where we herd people for profit and suck poor people dry through the judicial process. It's supply and demand, as long as we want the product, they will get it here.
Fuck Kobach.

Chuck M. Lowe said...

Just got back home from dinner.


Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you cocksucker.

Anytime, day or fuckin night fuck you cocksucker.

Day and fuckin night said...

Sorry Byron, I didn't mention you.

You fuckin lefties, love the fuckin violence. I have seen your posts, where you have endorsed, NOT dialogue, but violence.

Get North, now, get north of the Canadian River you fuckin piece of shit, come here, to what you think, you dumb fuck is TV Violence.

Bring it muthat fuckka

Chuck Lowe