Tuesday, May 28, 2019

WyCo DA Dupree Vs. KCK Police: Political Proxy War In The Dotte???

Here's a glimpse at #METOO allegations across the State Line that we hinted about yesterday, now part of an ongoing beef betwixt faction among the not-so-unified-goverment. Read more:

KCK police fired cadet after she reported sexual assault by her supervisor: lawsuit

Steven Rios, a Kansas City, Kan., police officer has been charged with sexual battery against a co-worker. He allegedly committed the crime while on duty, said Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark Dupree during a press conference Tuesday. A Kansas City, Kansas, police cadet says she was fired after pressing sexual battery charges against her supervisor, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S.


Anonymous said...

Sent the Star a copy of your pleading. They will report it just like it's already been proven true, as long as it fits their Preferred Narrative.

Anonymous said...

The cadet's dismissal within a month following Rios' misdemeanor conviction (WTF? A misdemeanor? Just a wrist slap!) and a year of probation ordered has RETALIATION on that young female written all over it. The childish vandalism to her car using salsa is a thuggy, lowlife move. If she is Latina, that crap is totally hateful and racist.

So, if any PD personnel et al are gooberish enough to get any ideas to hassle that honorable officer who witnessed and reported this CRIME, they better rethink and resist it. The hot spotlight may be on the Dotte's popos again, like it was when those four young officers got stung by the FEDS for their thefts inside homes during raids.

Chief Zig is under scrutiny of late, especially for the financials on the lake house. Surely, he has top legal guidance on what he's doing in this cadet's harassment case.

Anonymous said...

We need more info. We don’t even know what she looks like, what her tits look like, etc. Bad reporting.