Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Westport Proudly Serves Up Kansas City Racial Division & More Developer Schemes

We could call THE NEW WESTPORT DISTRICT PLAN news but it's mostly hype as the history of this Midtown enclave is slowly being knocked down and A GIANT FENCE attempts to keep out "trouble" this Summer. NO, neither tactic is going to work inasmuch as this party place remains a favorite spot where cultures collide and recently divorced broads are up to no good.

Read more about burger celebration which is just one of many ways this place ends lives prematurely:

Recipe: We Celebrate National Burger Day With-Who Else?-Westport Flea Market - In Kansas City

If you've never had a burger at the Westport Flea Market-well, you're not living your best life. The iconic, local burger joint has been doling out thousands of burgers each week since they opened 30+ years ago. In fact, The Food Network once named them "The Best Burger in Kansas City."


Anonymous said...

Wesport Flea Market should give free burgers and fries to all the fat tattooed mud shark whores in Westport, so they can get even fatter and uglier.

Anonymous said...

Byron would approve of this. The fatter they are, the better he can see them.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break, Flee Market is the grossest place ever, it's filthy inside the hamburgers and fries are so greasy with old grease that stinks so bad it's nauseating. Plus they cater to liberals so if they are getting their meat from McGonigle's I think I'm going to pass on this them from now on too. EWWWWWWWWWWW

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ All morning bitches. They must have been denied yogurt snack at the retirement home last night.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Why would I want to see them?