Friday, May 10, 2019

Touring Kansas City Upper-Class Digs

Another bit of real estate pr0n promotion, this time from the daily paper. Just a bit of early morning irony as we celebrate this lifestyle "journalism" from an institution that's going broke . . . Good luck:

Take a tour of The Grand, featuring a 2nd-story dog park and KC's highest rooftop pool

Take a tour inside the Grand Apartments in downtown Kansas City. The 21-story tower offers extensive amenities including downtown's highest rooftop pool, an attached outdoor dog park, digital sports simulator room and a movie theater. The latest luxury apartment complex to open downtown boasts something unique: It's home to Kansas City's highest rooftop pool.


Anonymous said...

Eat the rich.

Anonymous said...

Living large in diverse vibrant downtown KCMO!
The city that never sleeps!
I can almost see the house in small town Iowa where I grew up!

Anonymous said...

^^Stay in Frogville loser. You can't afford it, aren't wanted, and would only fuck the vibe up. Stay in your trailer in Frogville on the internet all day with all the other fat losers.

Anonymous said...

Wow look at all those people using those amenities!

Anonymous said...

An upscale highrise with great security. But in the middle of a pretty shitty town. I don't get it.

NicK said...

Burn it